Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Libre available in SA!!

The FreeStyle Libre is finally available in South-Africa. You can order yours from the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE). They have a pharmacy in Johannesburg (81 Central Street Houghton 2198 Johannesburg), where you can walk in and buy the sensors and reader. You can also call them on (011) 712 6000 and fill in the form, pay via EFT and get the sensors couriered to your door. The current price at the time of writing is R990 for a sensor and R990 for the reader. Much cheaper than Dexcom, and much simpler to use.
It doesn't include remote monitoring, but there are some options. The BluCon Nigthrider attaches to the Libre sensor and sends the data to your cellphone. I'm still waiting for mine, and will report on it as soon as I receive it.

I started the year off on a pretty bad note. I broke my femur in an accident. Very difficult to explain how and why, some of it remains a mystery. During my hospital stay, my Dexcom transmitter suddenly stopped working. As soon as I got home, I ordered Libre sensors and will never look back. Yes, I miss the real-time alarms and updates on my phone (Will get it again once my BluCon arrives), but the Libre is so much simpler to use and much less can go wrong. Insertion is quick and easy, the glue sticks like super glue. While Dexcom sensors contained less and less glue each time I put on a new sensor.... seriously Dexcom?? is it all about the money?? do you really worry that people will get a few more days from a sensor and then you will loose some money??

Below you can see my new Robocop gun holster in the making. I'm still recovering, walking on crutches, 2 more weeks to go non weight bearing. Nervous about all the screws going so far beyond my bone, but glad I still have my leg. Not sure when and if I will be able to run again. Maybe it is time to find a new activity. Happy to have the Libre stuck in my arm, wish I had it during my hospital stay.