Friday, 15 September 2017

Keep running G5, keep running

It's been a while since my previous post.... yes, I started running, and kept on running, when not injured. At first it was difficult and worries about hypo's on the way were huge. It became easier and easier, both the running and managing my BG. At some stage I switched to the Dexcom G5 which is cool because you can use the Sony SW3 as the collector, without having to run with a phone. I ended up always running with a phone on me anyway, it feels much safer to be able to call in case of emergency BG or emergency muscle cramps.

My first half marathon (29 Oct 2016) felt like the Comrades to me, I managed to finish with a time of 2:34 ( The last 7km was very difficult and I had to walk/run/walk/run/...

I kept on improving my time and finished the 2 Oceans half marathon (15 April 2017) with a time of 2:16 ( I felt really good after the race and was slowing myself down all the time during the race. My training routes contain hills, hills and more hills, and eventually hills doesn't seem to be that hilly anymore. That helped me a lot managing the 2 Oceans half marathon hills.

After 2 Oceans, I decided to rather work on pace than endurance. I improved my time even more and managed to do sub 2 hour (1:54) half marathons soon (July 2017) after that ( In this particular race my Dexcom stopped working after the first 5 minutes. I had to run "blindly" for the rest of the race. Drinking/Eating about every 30 minutes usually keeps BG up without any trouble. It gets more difficult to manage it after a race. All the energy food usually spikes my BG directly after the race and then it starts to tumble down. So, it is important to not correct for the spike too soon, the after-effect of the exercise will let it drop for a couple more hours and you can sometimes see the effect a day or two afterwards as well.

All of this is possible with a CGM and without a CGM. Don't let T1D stop you!!

What's next ? I don't know, for now I just want to enjoy the running freedom and stay alive. I planned a marathon, but after a crazy 28km 600m elevation run ( I'm not sure if I want to go that far anymore, maybe one day...