Friday, 1 April 2016

10-year diaversary!

I was diagnosed in March 2006,.. that calls out for a ten year diaversary! I have a lot to be thankful for, a lot has happened during these 10 years. I could have been dead, but I'm alive. It is a crappy disease, but I'm more convinced than ever that there is a greater purpose of me being a T1D. The past year has been amazing, I don't really have words to describe it. For the first time in 10 years my HbA1c tested below 6, at a value of 5.9. Below is a screenshot of my desktop, showing the real-time glucose graphs of 4 T1Ds wandering around somewhere in the country (2x in Johannesburg, 1x in Cape Town, and me in Pretoria). If you would have told me a year ago that I will be sitting at my desk and watch the glucose trends of these 4 individuals in real-time... I would have laughed and told you "NO Way! Seriously ? Is that even possible ?!". A year ago I was used to only finger pricking tests, missing lots of highs and lows at crucial times. I knew there were something called a CGM, but it was always way too expensive and not available in our country and it seemed like you need to have a pump to possibly get the CGM. So, my life changed when I randomly (I don't really believe in random, things happen for a greater purpose) stumble across a page that advertised the FreeStyle Libre... thereafter I discovered the Dexcom, xDrip, Nightscout, .... technology explosion..

I've been switching over to xDrip+ (plus). With the plus version you can log insulin and carb intake. The insulin logging is especially useful when you quickly want to see how much insulin is still going to be released and when. Rapid insulin takes about 2-3 hours to completely be used up, if glucose values still rises after that, it indicates that you did not inject enough for the food you ate. Sometimes when injecting multiple times within 2-3 hours can also lead to a stacking effect that can become dangerous if not monitored. The logging helps making more intelligent decisions in order to prevent stacking. xDrip+ can be found here:
Below is a few screenshots of xDrip+ in action. The green line at the bottom shows the insulin on board. The middle image shows a case where values started to go up when the insulin was depleted (in the middle of the night).

I also integrated a wixel and BLE module directly with the battery of a vodacom smart kicka cellphone, which basically replaces the need for a Dexcom Receiver. xDrip runs on the phone and uploads the data to be viewed on a Nighscout website and pebble watch. Image of the integrated device below.

I will end this post with a lame video I made a while back showing the options to get your Dexcom G4 connected to Nightscout for remote monitoring.