Thursday, 21 January 2016

Text-to-speech Awesomeness and Recent Developments


It's been a few months since my previous blog post. A lot has happened. A lot has happened with the xDrip android application. The most awesome and amazing feature that was added by Adrian Mittermayr is the text-to-speech feature. This feature reads out loud the glucose value. Why is this so awesome ?

  • I can know my glucose level without looking on a watch or cellphone or perform a finger prick.
  • I can exercise, mow the lawn or drive in a car without taking my eyes off the road and still know what is going on with my glucose levels.
  • It constantly reminds me to be aware of going low or high.
  • The people around me can know what my value is and can better understand my behaviour or know that they should help in-case I'm going low.
  • If I'm unable to speak in case of an emergency, the emergency personal will realize what is going on when my cell-phone tells them my glucose values out loud.

Blood Glucose is NOT constant

Just a reminder for those that don't understand glucose levels, it is not constant and it changes all the time, especially if you are diabetic. If you perform a single blood glucose test and your reading is within the normal range, it doesn't mean that you are not diabetic. Below is a graph (click on it for a larger view) of my glucose levels for a period of 60 days, it was within normal range many times, but as you can see the values were not the same for the entire 60 days.

Sensors can easily last 3-4 weeks

My dexcom G4 sensors are lasting an average of 3-4 weeks. I eat, sleep, walk, swim and shower with them without problems. For those that don't know, you can't take the sensor off and put it back on again, once it's off it's off and you need a new one. My strategy to make it stick goes like this (week-by-week):
  1. Use the sensor as it is, no extra adhesive or anything. I always insert the sensor at the back of my upper arm.
  2. Add tegaderm over the sensor. I first cut a hole into the tegaderm that fits over the transmitter. The tegaderm only sticks to my skin and white sensor adhesive part.
  3. I place a cut open sock on my arm and over the sensor. Whenever I swim I also use this sock strategy.
  4. Just keep on using the sock until I see too much sensor noise or when enough is just enough.

You can remotely monitor glucose in South-Africa

Yes, nightscout works in South-Africa, don't let anybody tell you you have to wait for G5 or that we don't get it here. #WeAreNotWaiting !! I have successfully configured nightscout for many people right here in SA with the standard Dexcom G4. If you don't know about nightscout, have a look at the website If you need help getting it set-up and configured, contact me and I can help, no extra cost, just do it.

Exciting sensor developments

I'm secretly wearing another secret non-invasive set of sensors which is collecting data from my body 24/7 minus some battery charging time. Hopefully this will lead to some exciting useful technology that will make CGM style sensors more affordable to all. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to share much more information regarding this... yes... this is local... going to happen here in SA.... #OnsGaanNieWagNie!


  1. Indeed the new sensor sounds very interesting.
    Is it as accurate as the g4?
    Any information that you can share is very interesting.

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  3. Hi Jaco,
    Have you made use of the nightscout widget on your Garmin watch? If so, how did you find it?
    Have had T1 for 20 years now, also very active (Running/cycling) and looking at getting the Dexcom G5, but would like to use with my Garmin Fenix which Nighscout says is compatible.

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