Monday, 14 September 2015

Moving on to sensor 3 and the backup Tic-Tac xBridge2

I'm already on sensor number 3. Sensor 1 lasted 30 days, Sensor 2 lasted 19 days and I'm currently on day 9 with Sensor 3. When you live with T1D, everyday is a different day and certainly a gift. You don't know how the day will go, the best approach is to take it day by day because everyday comes with it's own challenges. The day on the left was a good day, my glucose stayed amazingly good between my target range (except for a "short" low period shown in red). The day on the right looks like a typical day, lots of ups and downs with a bad high at the end. My 2nd sensor started to show a lot of noise at day 18 which can be seen in one of the images. Surely, time to put on a new sensor when you see stuff like that going on.

I wanted to have a backup xbridge device and I finally got hold of another wixel. Unfortunately, the wixel was already assembled with the header pins on... in order to fit everything into a tic tac box, the pins had to be removed. It caused me a bit of a headache because I'm not a soldering / electronics expert. The easiest way I found to remove the pins was to first cut off all the headers with a wire cutter and then try to de-solder the pins I wanted to use. Placing the tip of the soldering iron on a pin and then pushing the pin out with a needle seemed to work nicely. I followed the plan for the xBridge2 which can be found in the apps/xBridge2 folder from this repository: The xBridge2 differs from the first version in the following ways:

  • Requires you to solder 1 extra wire between the BLE module and wixel.
  • Transmits the message between the bridge and xDrip app in binary instead of text.
  • Powers down the BLE module while waiting for the next packet to arrive, saving you precious battery power.
I will be using the xBridge2 as a backup and development device while adding new features to the xDrip android application. 


  1. Hi,

    can I use this picture in a document ? I'm writing a Document in Dutch with my findings/experience with xDrip. I'll add a hyperlink to your blog



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  3. Hi! Another Johan here, but from Sweden...
    I also have a couple of questions.
    1. Is it a LiPo battery you use? 500mAh?
    2. How long does the battery keep the xDrip powered on before you have to charge it?

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