Wednesday, 15 July 2015

xDrip progress

I have started putting my xDrip components together over the weekend. It took me less than 10 minutes to solder and assemble all the parts, and I'm really not into soldering, anyone can do it. However, next time I will use shorter wires, remove the pins from the BLE module and use a smaller charger module. I'm going to use this configuration for now until the size of it gets annoying. The wixel code was also super easy to compile and upload. How does it work ? In short, the wixel reads the signals coming from the Dexcom transmitter and sends that to the BLE module. You pair your cellphone with the BLE module and the android app then receive the data from the BLE module. The android app displays the glucose values and can then upload the data to a database. The data can then be viewed remotely by multiple people simultaneously all over the world. I already received my Dexcom kit from Ethitech and eagerly wait for my last Freestyle Libre sensor to expire. Less than 4 days away and I will be part of CGM in the cloud and the NigthScout project. #WeAreNotWaiting !!

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