Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Updated T1D survival kit

My latest T1D survival kit can be seen in the image. See the list below with links to the websites where applicable:
  • A: Freestyle Optium blood glucose monitor.
  • B: Finger pricking tool
  • C: Needles for finger pricking tool
  • D: Blood glucose test strips, you need a strip for every blood glucose finger prick test. 
  • E: Ketone test strips, in case of high glucose levels, you need to test for ketones. If detected, emergency measures need to be taken or you could die. 
  • F: Apidra insulin, rapid acting insulin, required to inject before I eat. 
  • G: Lantus insulin, slow acting insulin, I take two injections daily. 
  • H: BD micro fine needles, attach them to inject the Apidra and Lantus. 
  • I: Glucagen emergency hypo kit. If I become unconscious because of low glucose, give this to me. 
  • J: Dischem glucose sweets and my favourite chomp chocolate, needed to counter hypo's.
  • K: Alcohol wipes to clean the skin before inserting a CGM sensor.
  • L: FreeStyle Libre Reader. The reader also have a blood glucose monitor and you can use FreeStyle optium test strips.
  • M: FreeStyle Libre sensors. These are used and don't work any more.
  • N: Dexcom G4 Sensor. 
  • O: Dexcom G4 Transmitter. This attach to the sensor. You can buy the Dexcom products from the local distributor Ethitech.
  • P: Dexcom G4 Receiver, this receive the signals from the transmitter and displays it on the screen. The device also alerts you when going low or high.
  • Q: My xDrip bridge device. DIY project. The bridge receives the signals from the transmitter and re-transmit them via bluetooth to my cellphone. The xDrip android app then uploads the data to a database and can be viewed remotely from anywhere. If you created a xDrip device, you no longer need the Dexcom receiver. The xDrip method seems to be much better, you get the raw values which is less fudged than the values displayed on the receiver.
  • R: Nightscout, used for displaying and alerting remotely on any device that can open a website. You need N, O and Q for this to work. 


  1. Hi Jaco

    For some time I have been trying to find the dexcom g4 or g5. Where do you recommend to buy it from at cheapest?


    1. Hi Fritz,

      Currently the only distributor in SA would be www.ethitech.co.za You can make it cheaper by choosing the G4 and using the sensors much longer than the 7 days.

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