Monday, 6 July 2015

Sensor 5 inserted and getting ready for xDrip

My stock of Libre sensors are depleted, I just inserted my 5th and final sensor. My 4th sensor lasted the 14 days without any problems. Here you can see my epic 5th sensor, sucking into my arm.

For the people still wondering how the device looks that inserts these sensors: The left image shows the device with the sensor still intact before insertion. You simply press the spring loaded device against your skin which will then release the spring. The needle that you can see in the centre will penetrate the skin, leaving the thin measurement wire inside. The right image shows the device after insertion.

What will I do after sensor 5 ?? I discovered that Ethitech is a distributor of Dexcom products in South-Africa. I can buy a Dexcom G4 sensor for about R1100 from them. Officially the Dexcom sensor is only approved to be used for 7 days, but many many people have shown that they still work after a few weeks. Now, if the Freestyle Libre was available easily in South-Africa, it would have been more difficult to decide how to continue. The only way I could buy a Libre sensor was through ebay, ... they are selling a sensor for more than double the retail price... I'm not willing to pay R2000+ for one sensor and take the risk of loosing it via the postal service any more.

Getting ready for my xDrip!! The xDrip is a cool DIY device that reads the signals transmitted by the Dexcom transmitter. The signals are then packed and send over Bluetooth v4 (BLE). A cellphone can then read the bluetooth packets. After that, many cool things are possible. Data can be uploaded with the cellphone onto the internet and viewed remotely by someone else. Prediction algorithms can be written, alarms can go off when glucose are going low or high, my custom algorithms might improve the MARD accuracy, location information can be used to inform relatives where the patient is when going low, .. and many more. I received all the parts needed to assemble my first xDrip today. I've got 2 weeks to get it working which should be more than enough time, I only have something like 6 wires to solder and software to upload to the wixel.

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