Thursday, 7 May 2015

Trying to get a FreeStyle Libre

After reading about the FreeStyle Libre, I obviously wanted one very badly. So do many other people. Abbott launched the Libre in Europe, not yet in the USA (approval in progress) and sadly not yet in Africa. The demand is so high, that new customers in Europe have to go on a waiting list which seems to be at least 3 months long. My initial idea was to let a friend in Europe try to buy it for me from Abbott and then we could arrange for an African delivery... the original plan failed due to the huge demand.

My next step was to jump onto ebay and try to see if I can get the device and a few sensors somehow. Luckily you can find it on ebay, but it comes with a price, the sensors easily sell for double the original price. I took the risk and bought a starter pack (device + 2 sensors) and a few sensors.. Some of them from UK sellers and some of them from Germans. The UK items were shipped to my friend in the UK, who shipped them to me via DHL express. The German parcels were shipped separately via DHL. 

Now, let's have a look at the status of these parcels.

The first German parcel safely departed from Germany,.... and then vanished... not sure where it is now ??
The second German parcel safely arrived in SA, cleared customs and EMS claimed that they couldn't find me in 2009 ?? Now the item is on hold somewhere. I phoned them every day this week, after several hours someone answered and they will "look" for my parcel, or they will "deliver" it tomorrow, or iesh! I still don't have it :(

The UK parcel, still looking good! On track and on time! Let's hope I'm lucky this 3rd time... just one problem, it's not in SA yet, the tracking fun might start when it arrives in SA soon.

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