Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My T1D survival kit

I'm starting my T1D blog at www.freestylelibre.co.za with the hope that Abbott will somehow someday release the FreeStyle Libre in South-Africa. 

This is my current "primitive" T1D survival kit.. without some of it, I will quickly die. Yes, T1D can not be controlled with only a diet and exercise, I need the insulin, I'm not resistant to it and I'm not overweight (never was). I have been diagnosed in 2006 when I had a sudden onset of symptoms such as extreme fatigue, blurred vision, weight loss (63kg down to 55kg within 1-2 weeks),...

The device in the black pouch is my FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose (BG) meter. By using the long black and white tool + needle, I can prick my finger in order to donate some blood to my BG meter. Usually my BG meter will return a number, indicating my current BG level in return for the small blood donation. This only gives the current BG level, no clue if it is going up or down... (I want a CGM...)

The blue pen-like object with a needle at the end is my Apidra (rapid acting) insulin, I inject this into my abdomen area at least 3 times a day. It depends how many times I eat. The greyish pen-like object contains my Lantus (slow acting) insulin, I inject this 2 times a day, in the morning and before I go to sleep.

In the centre you can see the 8mm BD micro-fine needles that is screwed onto the Apidra and Lantus insulin pen. The orange box contains an emergency kit that can be used to rapidly increase my BG levels in case I am unable to consume some sugar during a hypo. (Hypo is when your BG level drops below the normal range and requires immediate attention). Hopefully the orange box will never be used. I had several extreme hypo's in the past, luckily family members were always nearby to rescue me from a coma.

Above you can see the damage caused by thousands and thousands of finger pricks.

I have not included all the food that I consume when experiencing a hypo, just too many, I always try to have at least a few glucose sweets on me.

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