Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Goodbye sensor one, Hello sensor two

My first sensor easily lasted the 14 days, it was still stuck pretty well with only some of the edges looking a bit scruffy. It feels kind of sad to take it off, but that is how life goes. Pulling it off revealed a lot of sticky glue. Initially I was worried that the sensor can easily just fall off, but after seeing how the glue/adhesive look after 14 days, it made me think differently. It will take more than just a little bump to accidentally loose one of these.

This is how the sensor looks on the "other" side. You can see the small needle looking thing in the middle. It is flexible and not very hard. When you insert the sensor, a larger sharp and strong needle is used to insert the flexible one. A spring loaded mechanism is used to quickly push and pull the needle in and out. The hole that you see in the sensor from the outer side is there in order for the larger needle to be pulled back. Cleverly designed.

I applied some skin-prep before inserting the new sensor. It was again a painless and quick exercise of inserting the new sensor, no blood seen this time. I had a bad night's sleep, so I don't expect my levels to be awesome within the first 24 hours and most likely this post contains many errors.

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