Monday, 11 May 2015

11 May is FreeStyle Libre Day !!

Yes !! I finally have a FreeStyle Libre in my hands. The DHL express parcel containing the reader and 3 sensors were delivered this morning. I also received an unexpected call from the Johannesburg International Mail Centre (JIMC), they found my "missing" parcel ! I drove all the way to pick it up from them, not taking any more risks of them trying to deliver it to me. So, now I have 5x sensors and a reader, still one parcel missing, but I can at least get going with what I have received. 

My BG meter is a FreeStyle Optium meter, which turns out to be very beneficial. The test strips are compatible with the FreeStyle Libre and the reports generated by the software also show the results of your manual BG checks. I'll be using my Libre for normal BG checks as well as CGM style checks when I do have a working sensor on me. My initial thoughts on the report generating software is that it can be very very useful. 
Inserting the sensor was painless, quick and easy. The needle looked a bit scary, but did not hurt at all. Let's hope the needle and sensor stay stuck for the next 14 days. I got some tegaderm and vet tape from Dischem to apply in case the sensor needs extra adhesive. I will try to be patient and wait for 12-24 hours before activating the sensor. I could see some blood coming through the centre part of the sensor, so it makes sense to let the wound heal a bit before activating the sensor. 

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