Friday, 22 May 2015

11 Days with a sensor still stuck in my arm.

Time flies when you are continuously monitoring your glucose levels, almost time to remove my first sensor! The sensor is still stuck and working nicely, although some of the adhesive tape on the edges seem to be lifting. I kept tegaderm on the sensor just in case it decides to get loose. Sometimes it gets slightly itchy around the sensor, nothing major yet, it's going to be interesting to see how it looks beneath the sensor when I have to remove it.

The snapshot report of the past 11 days shows some interesting statistics that I was not able to capture before. After reducing my long-acting insulin by about 17%, I still have some issues with hypo's early in the mornings. This might be due to Lantus peaking at around 4-6 hours after injection. The amount of information available is just amazing, I feel much more in control of my BG levels. Look at my average number of scans / day ... 57 !! Imagine pricking your finger 57 times a day! Impossible, you will be using a whole pack of test strips each day. The FreeStyle Libre simply gives you the freedom to check your glucose as often as you like.

When you have been using only BG finger pricking tests for 9 years, any CGM report looks pretty awesome.  The weekly summary reports provide nice detail about what happened when. I experienced some low's and high's during the night, which I was unaware of. I can see the benefits of having something like the Dexcom G4 that will alert you when such things happen. I'm just wondering why did they not put a small speaker inside each Libre Sensor... just a simple beep would have been sufficient.
On the 17th of May I ate too much after a hypo and it caused my levels to be way too high through-out the night. That error pushed my average for the day up to 9.4, not acceptable at all.
I also realised how much glucose coke contains... in the early mornings of 18 May I had a hypo and only sipped 2-3 sips of coke, you can clearly see the spike that it caused. Yes, I needed that spike at that stage, but I can just imagine what happens to the poor non-T1D that drinks many glasses or bottles of coke.

On the 20th of May I opened a new insulin pen.... and my levels were just not going down as expected. You can see that I injected a total of 39 units (8 shots) on that day, normally I inject about 20 units. At the end of the day I decided to throw away the insulin pen, and open another one. I immediately got much better reaction from the new pen, this was not the first time it happened to me.
I have an update on my 3rd ebay parcel... somehow it was send back to the sender and it never left Germany, so he is mailing it again. If it happens again, I'm asking for a refund. At least the South-African Post Office can not be blamed this time. Currently it's such a pain and expensive to get the sensors in the country, chances of me switching to Dexcom is increasing as you read this. I have tasted the benefits of having a CGM and I'm afraid I won't be able to go back from where I started.

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